50 Days Complete Youtube Automation Training in Hindi - Outsourcing / Automation Business by Prabhjeet
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50 Days Complete Youtube Automation Training - Outsourcing in Hindi cover

50 Days Complete Youtube Automation Training - Outsourcing in Hindi

Course by YouTuber Generating 500 Million Views monthly

Instructor: Prabhjeet

Language: Hindi

Validity Period: Lifetime

$200 50% OFF


My Name is Prabhjeet 

I’ve been working from last 12 year on Youtube and Handling Multiple Youtube channels .I’m an experienced in Audience Development , Generating the Organic leads for Brands and also helping the business-minded Youtube creators like yourself to build successful YouTube Channel . I have been also Managing the youtube channels of our clients and I have added MILLIONS of subscribers, grown views by BILLIONS and increased revenues by huge multiples for the brands and companies I’ve worked for.

And now I can do the same for you. Whether it be corporate training, 1-to-1 personal training or 1-1 consultancy or full service channel management, get in touch with me , i can help you launching or growing your own YouTube channel

In This training of 50 days You will learn How to Scale Youtube Automation Business from Zero to Million Dollar 

Mastery the Art of YouTube

  • Complete Beginners' Guide To Starting From Scratch And Building Profitable Channels!
  • Learn How To Rank Any Faceless YouTube Channel Using Our various ranking metrics and factors.
  • You will get 100+ Faceless channel ideas list .
  • Case Study of Our 13 Million Subscriber faceless Channel
  • Actual Case Study Of A Faceless YouTube Channel Generating Over $70,000 Per Month.

Learn the Concept of Initial Boost

  • Detailed Instructions For Beginners On How To Build Successful Channels From Scratch!
  • How To Boost Youtube Channels Initially
  • Discover Everything There Is To Know About faceless YouTube channel , Including VoiceOver, Video Editing, Script Writing, Thumbnail Designing, Outsourcing, Youtube Automation, And More.

Monetization of YouTube and Outsourcing

  • Understand the Concept of Scraping And Automation Of Content On YouTube
  • Youtube Outsourcing Concept and Building the team for scaling . 
  • Youtube Monetization Requirements 
  • How To Generate Income From A Little YouTube Channel . 
  • The Best YouTube Channel Ideas That Will Ensure Rapid Growth

Converting the Viewers To Subscribers

  • How to convert Viewers To Become Subscribers
  • What Is The Ideal Video Length And Upload Time .
  • How To Become An Investor On YouTube By Outsourcing All Of Your Work , and you spend less time on it .
  • Trend Of Short Videos
  • Tips To Prevent Mistakes New YouTubers Make , Understanding the Community Guideliness of Youtube to run This youtube business for longer time .
  • Basics Of Video Editing , for youtube automation Channel . 

Editing videos to Prevent copyright Issue 

  • Templates For Audio, Video, And Stock Pictures
  • Best AI tools for Youtube Automation Business . 
  • Understand The Layout In Wondershare Filmora (Best video editing Software)
  • Filmora By Wondershare - MEDIA BAR
  • Wondershare Filmora - TITLE
  • Filmora By Wondershare - Audio Bar
  • Understanding the copyright and community strike of Youtube 

Ultimate Scripts

  • How To Rapidly And Easily Build Scripts For YouTube Videos
  • Formatting A Script File For Voice Actors
  • Voice-Over Techniques
  • How To Manage Voice Duration By Counting Script Words
  • About Voice Editing Software


  • How To Use Audacity To Create Various Character Voices
  • How To Make A Heavy, Crisp Voice
  • Youtube Advertisement
  • How To Set Up A Home Studio On A Tight Budget
  • How To Record Videos With Your True Voice?
  • Youtube Seo / Keyword Research

NOTE : This is  recorded training , with lifetime access , you can watch it anywhere or anytime . After payment you will get access of this course immediately

Also we will provide you the Access of private Facebook group where thousands of other students are getting the results daily . 



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