3 Day youtube Live workshop on Zoom
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3 Days Youtube Live Zoom TRAINING


Language: Hindi

Instructors: Prabhjeet

Why this course?


Day 1 of Live Youtube Training 

  • Complete beginners Guide to create a profitable channels from scratch!
  • Learn How to produce Viral Youtube Content .
  • Case study of our 12 million Subscriber Channel
  • Learn Youtube Seo & Keyword Research .
  • Niche selection
  • Learn how to Produce Viral Youtube Content
  • Potiential Of Youtube Business

Day 2 of Live Youtube Training 

  • How to initially boost the channels
  • Understand Youtube Analytics
  • Make high-quality videos on a budget
  • Understanding the COPYRIGHT
  • How to Increase Channel Reach Organically
  • Keyword Research
  • Learn Various Ranking Metrics to grow Any Youtube Channel
  • Learn how to setup Payment Method in Youtube & get revenue directly in your bank

Day 3 of Live Youtube Training 

  • Youtube Automation and scraping of content
  • Youtube Monetization
  • Outsourcing Concept in Youtube
  • Best YouTube Channel Ideas For Fast Growth (GUARANTEED)
  • How to earn money with a small YouTube channel
  • Workout with friends
  • How to Automate the whole Process & start Making Money by Spending Just an hour
  • Learn Various Profitable Niche Which Makes Huge Money

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