Youtube Automation Training 2023 ! Ultimate Course By Prabhjeet
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Youtube Automation / Outsourcing Training 2023 ! Ultimate Course By Prabhjeet

 YouTube Automation & outsourcing Training in hindi

Language: HINDI

Instructors: Love Kumar , Prabhjeet

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Course Curriculum

Why this course?


WHAT WILL YOU LEARN IN YOUTUBE Automation Training 2023 ?

You will see real case study of my youtube channels showing you exactly how much money we make from YouTube videos and other income streams.

I will also break down my entire YouTube Income Stream Business Model and show you how much in one month we are generating  .

I will reveal how I became a 1% YouTuber (99% of YouTubers have less views and subscribers). I will also explain how I survived and thrived in every YouTube Ad Apocalypse, and why it’s important for new creators to GET ON YOUTUBE RIGHT NOW!

The YouTube Algorithm is very hard to crack for new youtubers but I’ve been around the block for over a decade so I know the best techniques that work! You will learn exactly how to make the Algorithm work in your favor to blow you up on the platform! Over the years, I have developed my own secret Formula that works for creators no matter who you are or what types of videos you make.

Did you know that you can actually STEAL your competitor’s private SEO data, and add it onto your own YouTube videos? I explain in this course, how you can ride the wave of someone else’s successful viral video. I also break down, how making certain types of videos, can get you “shadowbanned” on the YouTube platform. Shadow Ban is when the YouTube Algorithm deranks your videos regardless of performance. I will show you how to avoid these simple mistakes, and stay on YouTube’s good side. Detailed information is only available after purchase. 




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